Art.No. BC050

The final touch for a perfect PC

You spend a lot of time to make your PC perfect. You’ve upgraded it for top performance, ultimate quietness, and unbeatable reliability. So what’s next?

Our premium upgrade Power Cables, that’s what’s next.

High quality, premium function, and flat out good looks come together in our line of premium Power Cables, intended for use with your high capacity be quiet! cable management power supply. These sleeved beauties in black are available in 2 All-in-One-models for maximum convenience and compatibility with all type of cases, and come with a 3 year warranty. Mix and match lengths and connector arrays to achieve the perfect combination of stylish good looks, improved cooling airflow, and peripheral device support.

Specifications* »

Length to 1st connector Connectors
CM-30750 700mm 300mm 3x SATA + 1x HDD / FDD
CM-61050 1000mm 600mm 3x SATA + 1x HDD / FDD

*Compatible with Dark Power Pro P8, Straight Power E9, Pure Power L8, Power Zone and the latest models of each be quiet! PSU Series. See full compatibility list in the section “Technical Data”.

Premium sleeved Power Cables add a touch of elegance and a lot of convenience to your PC. Now every day is your PC’s best day.