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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany

SilentWingsPWM 80mm

Art.No. BL021

When we designed our portfolio of products, we made sure our be quiet! line stood out for its power, reliability and efficiency. All of that of course in exceptionally quiet models that do justice to the lineal name!

Our new be quiet! SilentWings fans with PWM function bring even more choices to our range of fans. The PWM function allows for the fan RPM count to be controlled via the mainboard. Several of the be quiet! ideas are so revolutionary they've been registered as German utility models, including a number of outstanding characteristics like the high airflow performance design.

This design of the fan blades for optimised air flow put the SilentWingsPWM in a class of their own. Like the be quiet! SilentWingsUSC fans, the SilentWingsPWM are especially durable and exceptionally quiet while also offering top cooling performance. This makes SilentWingsPWM a worthy addition to the accustomed premium quality of the be quiet! family

    PWM features

  • PWM-Function
    PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. The 4-Pin connector allows the mainboard to control the fan RPM. The operating voltage remains a constant 12V, with speed controlled by the PWM-signal, which delivers a value between 0-100%. In the event that the PWM signal is 0%, the SilentWingsPWM will continue rotating at the minimum RPM.
  • 4-Pin connector
    Unlike conventional fans that come with a 3-Pin connector, PWM fans are controlled via a 4-Pin connector. Three of the pins function identically to standard fans. The fourth, external pin delivers the PWM signal to the fan.
  • Compatibility with 3-Pin connector
    The 4-Pin connector on the SilentWingsPWM is designed to fit properly into the conventional 3-Pin connectors for standard fans. RPM is then varied based on the supply voltage, from 0-12V.
  • PWM-Controller
    The PWM controller is a motor speed controller that applies the incoming PWM signal onto the motor.


    Other features

  • Anti-Vibration-Concept
    The unit can be mounted without screws, which both reduces vibrations (and lets the fan run more quietly) and makes it easy to mount, with no tools required.
  • High-Airflow-Performance-Design
    The fan blade design is so innovative that it has been registered under German law as a utility model. It ensures optimal air flow on both the front and back sides for quiet operation and optimal cooling performance
  • Copper-Core FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
    The FDB runs smoothly with no mechanical friction. A copper core has been used to ensure better and quicker dissipation of heat. The units can operate for up to 300,000 hours.
  • Auto-Restart-Function
    The Auto-Restart-Function makes it possible for the fan to restart itself automatically when interrupted, preventing an overheating or restart of the PC system.
  • Low 3.5 initial voltage
    When controlled via conventional systems, the low initial voltage ensures a rapid start-up phase for the fan, keeping the computer system cool from the start.