ATX 2.3 / ATX

ATX stands for "Advanced Technology Extended". This is a norm that defines certain standards for casings, power supplies and mainboards in a computer. The current version for ATX power supplies is ATX v2.3. The ATX specifications for power supplies can be referenced in the "Intel Power Supply Guide".

Ampere (A)

Electrical current is measured in ampere, which describes the movement of electrons in an electric circuit. The abbreviation for ampere is a capital A.

ATI, AMD Game Ready

AMD Game Ready is a standard for gaming computers. It was defined by hardware maker AMD to make it easier for computer gamers to purchase pre-assembled PC systems. The principle also applies to power supplies that meet the requirement of AMD Games Ready PCs.

Auto Restart Function

The auto restart function refers to the ability for a fan to restart on its own without any damages following mechanical obstruction (such as being stopped by hand).


AMD® is an American microprocessor maker. The company was founded in 1969. Alongside computer CPUs, AMD also produces graphics chips and chips for communication solutions. In 2006 AMD acquired former graphics chip maker ATI Technology.

Air Flow

The air flow indicates how much air a fan can move per unit of time. Because the air being moved represents a volume, air flow is indicated in cubic meters per hour (m3/h), or CFM. Among other factors, air flow reflects the number of fan blades, their operating angle and rotational speed.

All In One Cable

Various power supply series are equipped with a cable bundle containing all drive connectors. Each cable bundle thus contains at least one Molex plug, one S-ATA plug and one floppy plug. The benefit is that only one single cable bundle need be installed to power all of the drives used in a computer.

Active Clamp

Active Clamp is a power converter topology term, where active MOSFETs and capacitors are installed on the primary side, instead of the usually used diodes. This way the control via an IC is possible. The lower switching losses result in a higher efficiency.

AC (Output)

The acronym stands for "Alternating Current". It refers to the fact that the electricity periodically switches its polarity in even portions. The most common form of AC is sinusoidal.

Air Pressure

When referring to PC fans, the air pressure is indicated in mm/H2O (see corresponding entry).