FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing)

FDB stands for Fluid Dynamic Bearing. In essence that is a bearing with a dynamic oil film. The lines on an FDB bearing feature a v-shaped profile. The oil circulates as the axis rotates, creating sufficiently high oil pressure at the defined points between the bearing and the face so that they do not touch. This reduces friction, with less thermal energy and longer-lived and quieter bearings.

Full bridge

Full bridge is a power converter topology designation where four MOSFETs are connected in place of the two MOSFETs known as a half bridge. By doubling the transistors each individual MOSFET operates within a more efficient range and so with lower loss.

Fimko is the leading testing and certification institute for electronic devices in Finland. The Fimko certificate stands for safety, environmental compatibility and quality in an electronic device and is well regarded across Europe and beyond.


A computer's hard drive is often informally referred to as an FDD. This stands for "Floppy Disk Drive".