Hz (50 Hz / 60 Hz)

Hz (Hertz) is a unit used to indicate frequency. The frequency is calculated by dividing the number of oscillations by the elapsed time. Because the European 230V net used alternating current, it only has one frequency. That net frequency is 50Hz. In the USA the 110V network has a network frequency of 60Hz.

Hybrid Mode

Hybrid mode deploys two graphics cards in combination. When in hybrid mode, a less powerful but energy-saving graphics card is used for 2D applications. A more powerful graphics card takes over when it comes time for 3D work, however. The classic combination includes an onboard graphics card paired with a supplementary high-end graphics card.

Hold Up Time

Hold Up Time is provided in milliseconds and describes the bridge time for sufficient stability to continue work in the event of short-term power fluctuations. The higher the "hold up time", the longer the gap that can be bridged.

High Airflow Performance

High Airflow Performance describes a high air throughput value for fans. be quiet! uses patented, specially developed fan blades to achieve this. The fan blades are shaped on their front and rear sides to promote optimal flow.


A computer's hard drive is often referred to solely as the HDD. This stands for "Hard Disk Drive". It is used to store data for recall and editing at any time.