"Under Voltage Protection", or UVP for short, is a protective mechanism for output direct current. The power supply automatically switches off if the voltage converted by the power supply falls below a defined threshold. This protects the power supply and hardware components against damage.


USC stands for Ultra Silent Concept and was developed by be quiet! for extremely quiet fan operation. The design has been registered with the German patent office. The variety of electronic and mechanical optimisations, such as FDB bearings with copper cores, flow-optimised fan blades and high-quality IC motor control lead to more silent running, best-of-class air flow and very low noise emission.

USB charging function

The USB charging function is a peculiarity of the external be quiet! NOTEBOOK POWER power supply. The USB charging function allows for battery-operated devices like mobile telephones to be charged via the NOTEBOOK POWER power supply.


"Underwriters Laboratories" is an independent organisation for testing and certification of products. It was founded in 1984 and inspects devices and machines, primarily for their safety. Fulfilment of the UL standards that it has developed are mandatory for devices to be sold in the USA.