SATA is a plug connection for a computer. The SATA plug is primarily used for drives and has almost completely replaced the PATA plug. Unlike the 4 pin PATA plug, the SATA plug has 15 pins and can deliver three different power supply voltages.

Synchronous Rectifier

by Synchronous Rectifier is meant the 4 or 8 MOSFETs used for 12V rectification, which are brought into synch by a control IC.


Scan Line Interleave - SLI for short – describes the function that allows several graphics cards to operate within one computer. The 3dfx company first deployed SLI in 1996 to increase the performance of its Voodoo graphics cards. Today the term SLI is always used in relation to graphics card maker NVIDIA. SLI divides the graphics performance between two graphics cards running in one computer. This permits improved graphics performance.

System Builder

The system builder is the entity that constructs PC systems and sells them in stores or online shops. Many electronics stores sell system builder PCs. The same applies to software, where system builder versions after frequently available. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a synonym.

Single Rail (operation)

Most power supplies separate the 12V current into several rails. Single rail refers to an operational approach that uses one undivided 12V rail. This has the benefit that more power is available at once through a rail. The disadvantage is the potential for collapsing voltages under high loads.


STRAIGHT POWER is the high-quality series of power supplies from be quiet!, with extensive options and whisper-quiet operation. Designed to offer a broad spectrum of performance and features, it is adapted to handle the requirements of mid-line to high-performance PC systems. Models are available with and without cable management. The series is especially well suited for gaming and multimedia, power-hungry graphics applications and entertainment PCs.

Stand By

Standby is an operational state in which the device is held in a state of operational readiness to switch on. In many cases a red LED shows that the device is switched on but still in stand-by mode. Electronic devices continue to draw electricity even in stand-by mode.

Stable power supply

Switching power supplies convert the incoming alternative 230V current (in Germany) to direct current. This direct current is required for PC components (such as 3.3V, 5V and 12V). As the load increases, the voltage in the cables sinks, which leads to an unstable power supply for the components. A high-quality power supply stands out for low voltage fluctuations under load. Stable voltages in the cables hence provide a more reliable, uniform power supply.

The encircled S is a Swedish safety symbol found throughout Europe and assigned by the Intertek testing institution. It stands for security of electronic devices and indicates that the device fulfils the European security functions.


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