The mainboard or motherboard is a computer's primary circuit board. Other hardware components (RAM, graphics cards, etc) are connected to the mainboard using plug-in slots. The mainboard is what brings the individual components together so that they function as a computer.

Multi-GPU (see GPU)

A multi-GPU is comprised of several individual GPUs. This technology can be used through interconnection to one graphics card or distributed to several graphics cards. In either case the individual GPUs communicate with one other to process and depict image data as quickly as possible.

Multi-Voltage Concept

When an external power supply such as be quiet! NOTEBOOK POWER is used, the output voltage for the power supply can be manually adjusted to the laptop's voltage. The user of a unit like the 65W model has six preset output voltages available: 12V, 15V, 16V, 18V, 19V and 20V.


a MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor) refers to a transistor that can be used in power supplies to generate a high-frequency alternating current or to rectify alternating currents.


Molex is a manufacturer of plug connectors. The PATA plug is commonly referred to as a Molex plug.


In Europe, air flow for fans is indicated in cubic meters per hour. This indicates the volume of air per hour a fan can move. Internationally CFM is used as a unit for air flow. To covert CFM to m³/h, multiply the CFM value by 1.69.

Mini ATX (µATX, ITX, Flex ATX)

The Mini-ATX form factor represents a miniaturisation of the ATX form factor. ATX mainboards are dimensioned to roughly 300 x 250 mm, while Mini ATX mainboards are only around 280 x 210 mm. The current smallest mainboard features the Pico ITX form factor and measures just 100x70mm. To fit these smaller designs, power supplies are also offered in small designs. Examples of this include SFX and TFX power supplies.


mm/H2O is a unit of air pressure. Other common units are millibars and hectopascal. For PC fans, these units describe a fan's ability to increase the air pressure of a closed volume by the amount indicated.