STRAIGHT POWER is the high-quality series of power supplies from be quiet!, with extensive options and whisper-quiet operation. Designed to offer a broad spectrum of performance and features, it is adapted to handle the requirements of mid-line to high-performance PC systems. Models are available with and without cable management. The series is especially well suited for gaming and multimedia, power-hungry graphics applications and entertainment PCs.


SCP stands for "Short Circuit Protection" and represents an important protective function for power supplies. If a fault leads to a short circuit in the computer, the SCP function switches off the power supply to prevent additional defects to the hardware.

SI Unit

An SI Unit is a metric unit system recognised internationally. The system defines certain physical units as basic units. These can then be used to describe all further units that arise in physics. The seven SI units are: length, mass, time, intensity of current, temperature, amount of substance and luminous intensity.


SFX stands for "Small Form Factor" and is a type of form factor. SFX power supplies have a different casing form and are significantly smaller than normal ATX power supplies. This requires smaller fans as well. The underlying technology is no different from that of ATX network components. They are primarily used in small casings, such as for multimedia computers.