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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany


Art.No. BN175

High End Model for Perfectionists


The Dark Power Pro series is intended for enthusiastic PC users who prefer very high powered systems and who expect premium performance.

The power supplies in the Dark Power Pro series work with the latest technology to achieve extreme efficiency (80PLUS Gold certification) and reliability. The Dark Power Pro is also one of the quietest power supplies in its class: In addition, the Dark Power Pro is one of the quietest power supplies of its kind: Our virtually inaudible SilentWings® fan, an optimized fan control and a special decoupling of the fan provide a whisper-quiet operation.

In the Dark Power Pro, one receives a solution that is convincing both from a technical and optical standpoint: The modular cable management includes a 115cm removable cable to provide maximum flexibility and convenience. The power supply offers a variety of connection options - such as for external fans - guaranteeing that even the highest-powered components will enjoy top compatibility, a reliable power supply and optimal cooling.


certsilent wingscable management

    Areas of application

  • High resolution gaming and multimedia
  • Server-based multi-CPU systems
  • 3D CAD graphics, photo editing and video editing software


    Extremely quiet operation using top fan technology

  • The variety of electronic and mechanical optimisations, such as FDB bearings with copper cores, flow-optimised fan blades and high-quality IC motor control lead to more silent running, best-of-class air flow and very low noise emission
  • The RPMs on the fan are automatically governed based on the temperature
  • Optimised air flow leads to a reduction of the fan speed in the entire working range, allowing even quieter running
  • Special decoupling of the fan from the case reduces vibration to a minimum - for greater quiet in the PC


    Extremely economical operation

  • The very high efficiency of up to 93% reduces performance loss (waste heat) and also saves power, as attested by the 80PLUS Gold certification
  • Latest technology: LLC resonance circuit with a downstream DC/DC converter for extremely stable performance and high efficiency
  • Fulfils the requirements of the environmental and energy-savings Energy Star 5.0 * guidelines
  • Low power consumption in stand-by mode (<0.3 W)
  • Fulfils the ErP guidelines


    For high-end multi-GPU applications

  • LLC resonance circuit with downstream DC/DC converter for extremely stable performance and high efficiency
  • Supports high-end multi-GPU applications, including SLI and CrossFire configurations
  • Optional multi-rail operation with up to four independent 12V rails or switchover using overclocking key to high-performance single-rail operation


    Maximum compatibility for high-performance components

  • The cable management system offers up to 32 connectors and is designed to be compatible with older components as well as those not yet designed
  • Separate P4/P8 plugs for different mainboard types
  • Up to four PCIe connections for graphic cards running in multiple card configurations (SLI and CrossFire)
  • Note: Please use your new Dark Power Pro P9 exclusively with the cable set included with delivery, or with the set from the predecessor model (Dark Power Pro P8). Older cable sets or those from other power supply units are not compatible with the Dark Power ProP9.


    Highly convenient usage

  • Modular cable management: The removable cable bundles make it easier to install components, provide a more orderly structure and promote better air circulation within the case
  • Clearly labelled plugs and clever accessories for simpler installation


    Ideal for large PC cases

  • Cable up to 115 cm in length make it perfect for large PC cases


    Top security and reliability

  • Top protection for components against over/under currents, short circuits, overheating and overloads
  • German engineering and internationally tested safety, confirmed by recognised testing labs
  • Full performance during 24/7 operation. Long service life of up to 100,000 hours.


    System cooling

  • Up to 4 case fans can be connected to provide optimal cooling of the case; these are then automatically regulated by the power supply depending on the temperature


    Outstanding service

  • 3 years manufacturer's guarantee
  • Free on-site exchange service within first year (D, F)
  • Quick support via our international hotline