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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany


Art.No. BN194

World Class Quiet and Efficiency

The Straight PowerTM E9 700W provides best-in-class performance for systems that demand whisper-quiet operation without the slightest compromise in power quality. The many premium features our German team has designed into this power supply make the E9 700W a ‘Best Choice’ for new systems and as a replacement in existing systems.

  • Virtually silent operation achieved through a broad array of meticulous optimizations, including use of custom-designed 135mm SilentWings® Fan
  • SilentWings fan features airflow-optimized fan blade, fluid dynamic bearing with copper core and high quality IC motor controller
  • 700 Watts of continuous power provide hefty power reserves for those times your PC really needs it all
  • 80PLUS Gold certification and up to 93.1% power conversion efficiency let you do more work with the same power and reduce your power bills
  • NVIDIA Hybrid readiness and AMD CrossfireX certification allows you to build powerful Multi-GPU systems with confidence
  • German product conception, design and quality control
certsilent wings


  • Advanced Multi-GPU gaming
  • Silent PC builds
  • Multimedia systems and Home Theater
  • Photo and Video editing desktops


Feature Details

 Virtually Silent Operation

  • Installed 135mm SilentWings fan includes a wide array of electronic and mechanical optimizations for best-of-class airflow with very low noise production, including:
  •  unique airflow-optimized fan blade design reduces noise-generating fan turbulence
  • advanced fluid dynamic bearing with copper core provides for greatly reduced operating noise and super-long life
  • high quality IC motor controller reduces electrical noise
  • SilentWings fan is decoupled from the PSU body with special mounts, reducing transmission of vibration and noise
  • Optimized PSU airflow design generates superior cooling at lower fan speeds and reduces turbulence around components, thus allowing even quieter operation
  • Variable fan speed is optimally governed to strike the best balance between proper cooling and deep quiet



  • All-new integrated circuit power conversion design features Active Clamp and Synchronous Rectifier (SR) technology for amazing signal stability and power efficiency
  • Premium quality capacitors rated to 105°C for maximum reliability and operating life
  • Full suite of top safety protections defends against over-currents, over- and under-voltages, short circuits, overheating and overloads, thus safeguarding your valuable components
  • Four independent +12V rails improve power signal stability


Energy Efficiency

  • 80PLUS GOLD certification independently verifies the extremely high operating efficiency (up to 93.1%) of this design
  • High efficiency means money savings, because your PC draws less power from the mains to do its work
  • High efficiency also means less waste heat, less cooling required, and overall quieter operation
  • Standby drain of less than 0.3 Watts
  • Meets Energy Star 5.0 guidelines
  • Fulfills ErP 2014 guidelines
  • Zero Load design supports Intel’s Deep Power Down C6 mode


Maximum Compatibility and Convenience

  • Sleeved cable lengths up to 115 cm allow for improved cooling and are perfect for large PC cases
  • System features 23 connectors for large system builds
  • Connectors are compatible with older components as well as those still on the drawing board
  • Individual P4 and P8 plugs support all common mainboard types
  • Four PCIe connectors for powerful multi-GPU configurations (NVIDIA SLI Ready, NVIDIA Hybrid and AMD CrossFireX) up to Triple GPUs.
  • Clearly labeled plugs and clever accessories promote simple installation


Outstanding Service and Support

  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Free pick-up and return service within first year (limited to Germany and France)
  • Quick support is available Mondays to Fridays from 0900 to 1730, German local time