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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany

PRESS | British customer convinced to use be quiet!

British customer convinced to use be quiet!
Straight Power E9 in a user review from the Hexus community

Together with the UK-based tech site Hexus, be quiet! sponsored a contest to give away three Straight Power E9 to users who are willing to write down their experiences with the product. First from this series is user "Rob_B". He changed his old power supply, which he already considered silent, for the Straight Power E9 680 W and was immediately impressed by its low noise level.

“As I said before the NorthQ was by no means a bad PSU, it was fairly quiet and [...] I'd not had any problems with it. Upon booting I could instantly tell the difference, instead of a whooshing humm I just heard a slight, constant purr. Maybe my old PSU is noisier than I thought or perhaps the fan on this thing is as good as the company name.”