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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany

PRESS | Pure Power L8 in PCGH 07/12

Pure Power L8 in PCGH 07/12
"Clear winner in terms of low noise level"

In the current issue of PC Games Hardware the editors reviewed power supplies in the range from 500 to 650 watts and paid particular attention to the price-performance-ratio. Using a Chroma 63103 the comparison also contained the L8 Pure Power 580 W CM. All in all the magazine liked it a lot - especcially the extremely low noise, high efficiency and the great price-performance-ratio - and gave it a 1.93 grade.


“For those who can go without the one percent better efficiency of the PC Power & Cooling PSU, the be quiet! Pure Power L8 CM 530 is a great deal with a very low noise level for about 60 Euro. ”