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PRESS | Dark Power Pro 10 is editor's choice

Dark Power Pro 10 is editor's choice
TechPowerUp is even more positive about the 850 W version.

The online site TechPowerUp have just posted their review of the 850W model of Dark Power Pro 10, just a few weeks after a very positive review of the 550W version. And they liked the new 850W very much, if anything even a little bit better than the 550W, so it earned a score of 9.5 and an editor's choice award.

Editor's Choice

“Like its smaller sibling did a few weeks ago, the P10-850W managed to really impress me with its performance, outstanding build quality and the features it provides. [...]If you can afford it and you consider the purchase of a good PSU an investment, which you should, then this is probably the best 850W PSU on the market today.”