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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany

PRESS | Dark Power Pro 10 550W fit for the fight

Dark Power Pro 10 550W fit for the fight
Silent like a ninja the Dark Power Pro 10 finds new friends over at Ninjalane

American review site Ninjalane tested the Dark Power Pro 10 and finds it fit for duty at the ninja corps. The site loved the silent operation and the Overclocking Key made an impression as well since it allows users to switch to single +12V high performance mode. The overall silent concept was well received and the modularity plus choice of connectors was found matchless.

“There are two things that define the Dark Power Pro 10 product line. The first is silent operation and with a name like be quiet you can count on them taking this aspect seriously. The second is a performance tuning option that allows you to bridge the four 12v power rails into a single high capacity rail.”