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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany

PRESS | Dark Power Pro 10 850 W reviewed by cowcotland

Dark Power Pro 10 850 W reviewed by cowcotland
Amazing results rewarded with award

After testing the 550 W version, French online magazine Cowcotland reviewed the Dark Power Pro 10 850 W. Results are simply amazing: the editor highlights the great quality, the whisper quiet operation, and the Platinum efficiency of the be quiet! power supply. Cowcotland highly recommends the product and rewarded it with a silver award. 

Cowcot d'Argent

“The conclusion of the Dark Power Pro 10 550W review was already excellent, the 850 W one is just as good. In terms of quality, be quiet! offers the best you can get and it is just the same in terms of silence, as the operating is inaudible.”