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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany

PRESS | Praises for the Dark Power Pro 10

Praises for the Dark Power Pro 10
The international magazine VR-Zone is totally fascinated

VR-Zone is clearly impressed with the Dark Power Pro 10 as it comes with a huge amount of cables and connectors, stunning performance and perfect exterior finish. The quality was highly praised in addition to the well chosen components inside of the unit. The performance was outstanding, according to VR-Zone, with very tight voltage regulation and excellent ripple suppression. In the end it was the amazing appearance that made this unit a true stunner.


“Be Quiet ships the Dark Power Pro 10 with one of the richest bundles we have ever seen and we are twice as much impressed by the fact that this is “just a” 550W unit. We rarely ever see any company spending as much time and effort in order to improve the appearance of their products as Be Quiet did with their new Dark Power Pro 10 550W unit. Clearly, the overall performance of this power supply is nothing short of flawless.”