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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany

PRESS | Dark Power Pro 10 - The only competition comes without fans

Dark Power Pro 10 - The only competition comes without fans
SPCR tested the Dark Power Pro 10 in an anechoic chamber

Silent PC Review is the only site worldwide which tests PC components in an anechoic chamber. The anechoic chamber helps by eliminating background noises and that enables the reviewer to only hear the components on the testbed. With the Dark Power Pro 10, be quiet! now has the quietest air-cooled power supply on the site's top list. Besides the great look and feel SPCR is happy with the large amount of cables and additional option to control case fans.

“It is extraordinarily quiet, extremely proficient from an electronic power point of view, and actually represents decent value at the current £90 selling price (without VAT). The flexibility offered by the array of output cables and those four independent thermally controlled headers for fans are quite worthwhile. The fan headers could easily eliminate headaches about how to keep case fans from ramping up noisily without risking overheating under high load.”