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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany

PRESS | Pure Power L8 430W is on a new height in the UK

Pure Power L8 430W is on a new height in the UK
UK based magazine KitGuru reviews the Pure Power L8 witch 430 Watt

KitGuru says the Pure Power L8 is a power supply with excellent build quality, fantastic ripple suppression with very clean soldering, and an impressive efficiency. With the recent price drops in the UK the Reviewer says its even more worth it and makes a great impression in any kind of mid-range system.

Worth Buying

“The Pure Power L8 430W is a good power supply that will suit an audience building a low cost media system. As we expect from BeQuiet! the supply is beautifully finished and the choice of a SilentWings fan ensures that noise levels are kept to a minimum, even under heavy load.”