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PRESS | Project "quietness" - how to build a computer from be quiet!

Project "quietness" - how to build a computer from be quiet!
A detailed article on how to build a quiet computer

PC World BG is one of the most popular portals about IT. The authors give a detailed description of the quiet machine with volume tests for the entire system. The whole structure was based on the be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900 case, Power Zone PSU, and the Silent Loop taking care of the CPU temperatures. The authors were very pleased with the final effect, declaring that it is the quietest system built by them so far, and the temperatures of the components and inside the casing are entirely satisfactory. 

“We have achieved really outstanding results (...). The most interesting thing is that the main source of noise was the GPU fan, which suggests that using water cooling for the GPU will let us get even lower noise levels.”

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