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PRESS | Hardware.Info publishes round-up of 12 glass PC cases

Hardware.Info publishes round-up of 12 glass PC cases
Dark Base Pro 900 included in review

Hardware.Info has published a mass round-up of 12 PC cases that feature one or more glass side panels. One of these is the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900. The editor has a lot of good to say about this case, but due to its high price, it does not win any awards. It is mainly recommended for those looking for a quiet, versatile case.

“At 7V the heat builds up rapidly, even though it doesn't surpass 40 degrees. With 12V the results are better while the noise level is still far below that of the competition. The MSRP of €240 is high, but be quiet! does give you a lot of installation space and unique features for your money. If this is what you're looking for, the price is fair.”