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PRESS | TopAchat reviews Silent Loop 360mm on their YouTube channel

TopAchat reviews Silent Loop 360mm on their YouTube channel
In AiO watercooling, 360 are kings

The YouTube video channel of TopAchat reviews the Silent Loop 360mm. Video starts with wonderful shots of the Silent Loop 360mm radiator compared to the 280. Pure Wings fans are detailed (their specs too rpm, dB and h2o) just like the tubes and their antipinch mechanism. The waterblock and its refill hole is explained, like the inverted mechanism of the pump. TopAchat did a few benches with temperatures on a Ryzen 1800X rig. A very positive video review.

“the advantage of a 360mm radiator is that it permits a super low speed for the fans, hence offering near silent operation (...) compression fittings are of excellent quality (...) it's all about being sober and efficient (...) if it's compatible with your case this Silent Loop 360 is the opportunity to have one of the watercooling AiO champion in terms of temperatures and silence”