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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany


The be quiet! power supplies have an excellent reputation in the European market. To ensure that this situation continues the manufacturer operates a comprehensive quality management process throughout the entire value chain.

Quality control on all production processes in Asia

  • ISO 9001 certification in the production factory
  • Standardized multiple tests during production
  • Final "burn-in tests” for newly produced power supplies (long-term stress test over several months at 100% load)

Quality Control in Europe through automatic power supply test system

The be quiet! team uses the Chroma 6000 to run automated tests which quickly and comprehensively test and log ATX power supplies. This ensures that the tested power supplies comply with the narrow bandwidth of the ATX standard. The testing is necessary in order to comply with the high quality standard of be quiet! New power supplies are tested at goods-in as are returned power supplies in order to identify and avoid any possible development errors.

  • Well-qualified, specialist service and quality assurance personnel
  • Results-oriented co-operation of quality assurance with development and production
  • Market feedback (via the service hotline and email) flows back into product management and production

The end-user is crucially involved in the quality of be quiet! power supplies. The be quiet! quality assurance therefore represents a link between production and consumers and contributes to a continuous product optimization. All be quiet! products are also certified by independent external laboratories.