Article number: BZ005


Perfect match for your high-end cooler

DC2 Pro is the thermal grease of choice for high-end chips that generate massive heat. The extremely high thermal conductivity makes for an exceptional heat transfer between the chip and the cooler. If you are a professional user or die-hard enthusiast striving for maximum cooling, DC2 Pro is the thermal grease of choice.

  • Liquid metal for a thermal conductivity beyond all standards
  • Extremely high thermal conductivity of 80W/mK 
  • Wide temperature range of 20°C to 200°C 
  • One syringe provides enough for over 10 applications
  • Cotton swabs in the scope of delivery makes for a comfortable application
  • Electrically conductive, handle with care
  • Only use with nickel plated coolers, incompatible with HDT and aluminum surfaces
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For cooling power under all conditions

The extremely high thermal conductivity of 80W/mK provides exceptionally fast heat transfer between chip and cooler at a wide temperature range from 20°C to 200°C. By that the cooling power of DC2 Pro is far beyond any other thermal grease of be quiet! and the ultimate upgrade of high-end coolers for top notch cooling performance.


Another type for another level

Consisting of liquid metal, DC2 Pro offers cooling power beyond belief. The characteristics of liquid metal allow this thermal grease to cool high-end CPUs and GPUs even at their limits. Only for use with nickel plated coolers, do not use with HDT and aluminum surfaces.


A long-life companion

1g of content is enough for up to 10 applications – a true testament to the sheer power DC2 Pro provides. 2 cotton swabs in the scope of delivery make for an easy and clean application on the CPU. The alcohol pads that come with DC2 Pro allow the user to purge the CPU thoroughly without residues.

General data

ModelDC2 Pro
TypeMetal liquid
Capacity (g)1
Thermal conductivity (W/mK)80
Electrically conductive
Temperature range (°C)20 - 200
Compatible be quiet! coolersDark Rock Series ; Silent Loop Series ; Pure Loop Series ; Shadow Rock TF 2 ; Shadow Rock LP ; Shadow Rock 2 ; Shadow Rock Slim 1

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Scope of delivery

Thermal grease
Cotton swab
Syringe needle
Alcohol pad


Silicone compounds (%)-
Metal oxide compounds (%)-
Zinc oxide compounds (%)-
Gallium (%)55
Indium (%)30
Tin (%)15


Warranty (Years)3
International hotline / free of charge✓ / DE, FR, US
User manual languagesDE, EN, ES, FR, PL, RU, TW, CN

Logistics data and RRP

Article numberBZ005
EAN code4260052189603
Dimensions, package (L x W x H), (mm)132 x 50 x 21
Gross weight, package (kg)0.026
Pieces per packaging unit60
Dimensions, shipping box (L x W x H), (mm)328 x 280 x 160
Gross weight, shipping box (kg)2.4
RRP (€)11.9

DC2 Pro
Article number: BZ005