Give your PC the finishing touch with sleeved Power Cables for modular be quiet! power supplies. With their high-quality connectors and sleeves in opaque black, they meet even the highest demands.
Available as 12VHPWR PCIe 12+4 pin, PCIe 6+2 pin, S-ATA, Multi, CPU and 20+4-pin ATX power cables with different lengths they offer maximum comfort and flexibility. Even the most extensive and complex systems profit from a well-ordered interior and resistance-free airflow these cables provide.

PCI Express 12+4 pin



PCI Express

20+4-pin ATX




  • Please go to the product site to find out the exact compatibilities of each power cable
  • To be used with all current be quiet! power supplies with the respective connections at the PSU
  • Dark Power Pro 10 and newer
  • Straight Power 10 and newer
  • Power Zone
  • Pure Power 9 and newer
  • System Power 9 and newer
  • SFX L Power