Excellent silence and usability

Silent Base series offers a diversity second to none. The cases are dedicated from super silent to maximum airflow alike. With its easy handling and noise prevention methods Silent Base series underlines its claim to be the perfect symbiosis of silent operation, good cooling performance and excellent usability. Features such as a PSU shroud and diverse cable management possibilities offer a neatly structured interior and underline the user-friendliness of Silent Base cases.
With a targeted combination of sound insulation and innovative features, Silent Base is a truly superior case ideal for high-end gaming gear and for quiet systems especially.

Silent Base 601 Window - Midi-Tower

Silent Base 601 - Midi-Tower


Excellent Silence

  • Whisper-quiet operation thanks to noise dampening vents and an innovative design conferring outstanding airflow properties
  • Noise dampening vents in the front provide excellent air permeability yet maximum silence by breaking inflowing air twice
  • Extra thick sound insulation mats of up to 10mm on the side panels, top and front reduce vibrations and provide even more stability
  • 2 Pure Wings 2 fans provide an optimized quiet airflow control

Outstanding Usability

  • Generous space and flexibility support most kinds of high-end hardware such as large coolers, graphics cards and even up to E-ATX motherboards
  • Advanced cable management possibilities and a neat interior due to a PSU shroud
  • Easy installation of the PSU from behind with a well-conceived bracket
  • Sophisticated HDD slot cover may be positioned at offset distances to suit different cable widths
  • Easy to remove dust filters are user-friendly and easy to clean
  • Silent Base Window panels are made of scratch and impact resisting material

Solid Cooling

  • The air ducts are designed to channel cooling airflow. The rear opening allows air to enter the chassis while reducing the noise passing through the front panel
  • Additional fan mountings of up to 8 fans in total
  • The top cover allows hot air to exit the case while greatly reducing the noise experience
  • The detachable top bracket allows an easy installation of radiators
  • Radiators up to 420mm can be installed in the front
  • Organized cable routing assures a tidy look and provides an efficient airflow

Outstanding Service and Support

  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany