No compromise silence and performance

Silent Wings 4 fan series is the epitome of high-performance fans with first-class features. Technically optimized on every level, Silent Wings 4 series fans suit for high-end PC builds as radiator fans, heat sinks, and case fans alike. Be it the speed switch of Silent Wings Pro 4, the variety of fan corners for different purposes or the smooth-running 6-pole fan motor with FDB: Silent Wings 4 fans are the most progressive and technically advanced fans by be quiet! and a paragon for every fan in this category.

Silent Wings Pro 4

Silent Wings 4


First-class features

  • The speed switch of the Silent Wings Pro 4 allows users to switch between 3 different speed options at any time by a simple slide
  • 6-pole fan motor with 3 phases makes for very low power consumption, less vibration and consequently for a virtually inaudible operation at regular speeds
  • Scope of delivery contains different mounting options, making Silent Wings 4 series fans versatile and suitable for any purpose

Incomparable engineering

  • A new blade arrangement means Silent Wings 4 series fans are setting a new standard for all other fans in the high-end category
  • Newly engineered from scratch, Silent Wings 4 series fans offer small distance between fan blades and fan frame, making for extraordinarily high air pressure

High-grade appearance

  • A sleek design with a newly designed, elegant fan sticker ensures the fan will make a great impression in any PC case
  • A valuable sleeved PWM cable with a user-friendly pin design underlines the high claim Silent Wings Pro 4 has in terms of optics and usability alike

Outstanding service and support

  • 5-years manufacturer's warranty