Exceptional cooling, significant quiet

Shadow Rock is the premium series in the be quiet! range of CPU coolers. Comprising single-tower and slim-tower coolers they also feature top-flow and low-profile designs. All deliver exceptionally high cooling performance and remarkably quiet operation at highly attractive prices for the premium CPU cooler segment. Whether your PC is built for advanced gaming, demanding graphics applications or hi-res multimedia functionality, Shadow Rock coolers are sure to impress you.


Exceptional Cooling Efficiency

  • Impressive cooling capacity of up to 190W TDP
  • Up to 5 high-performance heat pipes carry heat to optimal locations on the cooling fins

Highly Compatible, Highly Functional Design

  • The asymmetrical construction of the single tower saves space and avoids blocking memory slots in the front of the cooler
  • Compact slim design saves space and allows for easy access to RAM banks even within the tight confines afforded by some compact PC enclosures
  • Top-flow design with a direct connection of the baseplate and cooling fins for fast heat transfer and optimum cooling efficiency
  • Space-saving low-profile design allows easy access to components even when space in the PC is restricted

Extremely Low-Noise Operation

  • All the different types of silence-optimized fans used in this series ensure impressive cooling performance and quiet operation
  • Even at 100% PWM function, noise is at max. 25.5dB(A)

Outstanding Service and Support

  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Product Conception, Design and Quality Control in Germany