Inside be quiet!


As part of this format, we will present to you on regular base some interesting insights into be quiet! with details and backgrounds of our products, in addition to some exciting new technologies on the market.

With our brand be quiet! we successfully serve the premium market in the field of power supplies, PC cases and cooling of desktop PCs. Our products are defined by remarkably quiet operation and first-class performance. We attach particular importance to quality as well as an above-average degree of attention to detail. Therefore, all product conception, design and quality control is carried out exclusively at the be quiet! headquarters in Germany.

The brand be quiet!, founded in 2001, is part of Listan GmbH, whose headquarters are located in Glinde near Hamburg. This makes our company one of the few manufacturers in the IT sector that has its roots in Germany. This fact helps to meet our strict quality requirements.

In recent years, customer interest in our brand, current trends in IT and, last but not least, our products has increased significantly. Although we operate a very active community management on all common social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, there are many topics where it is worthwhile to get informed in detail.

Insight: Departments and tasks at be quiet!

For a brand like be quiet! a multitude of tasks are performed on a daily basis. In order to be able to coordinate these in the best possible way and to work efficiently, we are divided into different departments:

  • The product management is responsible for the planning and development of the products. In close cooperation with colleagues in Asia, new products are continuously developed. In addition to the use of high-quality components and innovative features, the focus is also on design.
  • The sales team ensures that our products find their way into the stores. It is responsible for the acquisition of new customers, maintains relationships with existing customers and represents our brand at trade fairs and consumer events.
  • The logistics team is used when a business customer orders from us. The team takes care of all incoming and outgoing shippings from our warehouse.
  • The IQC team carries out the quality control for the incoming goods and also takes care of the processing of complaints.

  • The aftersales team is usually the first point of contact for the buyers of our products with the free hotline, through e-mail and the support forums.
  • Without internal departments such as our IT or accounting, the day-to-day business simply would not work. Both ensure the smooth running of our technology and bookkeeping.
  • The marketing team designs the website, packaging, banners, all marketing materials and online marketing campaigns, and takes care of the social media channels. In this department, trade fair appearances and cooperations with magazines, influencers, eSports teams or other partners are also organized.
  • All teams are led and coordinated by the management. They have defined our philosophy and quality standards and ensure that everyone gives it their best.

Of course, this was only a quick insight into the complex work of these departments. It should help you understand how a brand like be quiet! is structured, and how much teamwork is needed to ensure a smooth operation. Only together is it possible to constantly develop up-to-date products that meet your and our high requirements in terms of quality and performance.

Just like us, our customers accept only the best of the best. Well then: Until the next part of Inside be quiet!

We are always open to feedback and suggestions. You are welcome to contact us through our social media channels or via our contact form.