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Silent Wings 4 Mounting Corners Explained

Whether you prefer a simple installation process or need sealed corners for maximum pressure – Silent Wings 4 has got you covered.

Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4 come with modular set of mounting corners for different applications. The anti-vibration push-pin mounting comes pre-installed on all Silent Wings 4 models, making installation as a case fan a breeze. If you prefer to use screws or install the fan on a CPU cooler or radiator, plastic mounting corners are also included. Silent Wings Pro 4 comes with both of the above options, as well as pre-installed radiator corners that seal the frame to prevent air leakage through the gaps.

How to swap out the mounting corners

Silent Wings 4 is a great, quiet all-around performer, while Silent Wings Pro 4 pushes performance to the limit with higher top speed, convenience features and radiator-specific mounting.

You can easily remove the pre-installed corners to use a different mounting. Press down on the latching lugs on the left and right, then pull up the mounting element. To install the new corners, simply clip them onto the fitting lock.

Special attention is required only for the radiator corners are labeled “Corner Type A” and “Corner Type B”. They must be matched to the fan corners with the same label.

When using the push-pin rubber elements, you have 2 different options. With the side marked “L” facing down, there is a 1mm gap between the case frame and the fan for additional decoupling. With the “S” side down, the frame fits flush to the case and seals gaps for increased airflow. All push-pin corners should face the same direction, mixing is not recommended. The default position out of the box is “L”.

What corners should I use for which application?

Now that you know how to swap the different mounting options, let us look at which ones you should use. All three mounting options have their place.

Tool-less push-pins are incredibly easy to use and provide the best decoupling out of the three options. Use them when installing in a case to take full advantage of the fan’s quiet operation.

Leaking air reduces air pressure, which reduces water cooling performance. Silent Wings Pro 4’s larger radiator corners seal the sides to increase air pressure, which in turn increases performance.

The area around a CPU socket is often limited, with VRM coolers or large RAM modules obstructing space for expansive cooling units. With a more compact profile than the radiator corners, the standard plastic mount is ideal for mounting on air cooler heatsinks. You can also use it for cases, if you do not have full confidence in the push-pins.

You can find out more in the video below: