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Read on for a glimpse into the mind of one of our PC case developers.




Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with one of be quiet!’s case developers Marco Marquardt. He is a important part of the pc case development at the German leading producer of PC hardware. We are eager to gain insights into the intricate process of developing a new PC case. As a technical enthusiast, I am excited to delve into the innovative world of PC case design and manufacturing. What is important in this process and what are the driving factors creating a silent pc case?

Our CEO Aaron Licht sat down with Marco from the case development department to find out the most important aspects for creating a new and contemporary PC case.


Aaron Licht : "Good day, Marco. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us about what is important when creating a new PC case. Can you walk us through the initial stages of the development process?"

Marco Marquardt: "Absolutely, it's a pleasure. The development of a new PC case always starts with extensive research to identify market trends and consumer preferences. We conduct surveys, analyze customer feedback, and collaborate closely with our design team to envision concepts that balance functionality and aesthetics."

Aaron: "Sounds like a robust approach. Once the market research is completed, what comes next in the development timeline?”

Marco: "After conceptualizing the design direction, our engineering team creates detailed drawings and specifications. These initial designs are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they meet our standards for acoustics, cooling, and build quality. Iterations are made based on the results, and prototypes are constructed for further testing. Throughout this process, our team remains focused on achieving the perfect balance between performance, silence, and visual appeal. Listening to user feedback and incorporating innovative solutions are key aspects of refining the final product before it goes into production. Throughout this meticulous process, attention to detail and adherence to high standards are paramount. Our ultimate goal is to create a PC case that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our customers. Each component is carefully selected to ensure optimal performance and durability. By pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability, we aim to deliver a product that represents the pinnacle of engineering excellence in the realm of PC cases."

Aaron: "That appears to be a detailed procedure. Can you explain the methods used to ensure the new PC case adheres to the esteemed standards of be quiet! ?"

Marco: “be quiet! places a strong emphasis on quality in their products, subjecting prototypes to rigorous testing to evaluate factors such as airflow, noise reduction, and build quality. The company aims to deliver visually impressive and high-performing PC cases that exceed the expectations of their customers, incorporating innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern PC users and gamers. Thorough evaluation of various factors and meticulous testing are fundamental parts of our development process to ensure our products meet and surpass established standards of excellence in design and functionality.”

Aaron: "Thank you Marco, for the details. Could you share further some key features that set our PC cases apart from others in the market?”

Marco: "One of the defining features of our PC cases is their focus on silent operation and high performacce at the same time. We integrate specialized sound-dampening materials and innovative fan designs to minimize noise levels without compromising the performance. Additionally, our emphasis on sleek, elegant aesthetics appeals to users who value both style and functionality in their hardware. One key aspect that distinguishes our PC cases is the seamless integration of advanced features that cater to the needs of casual users, gamers and hardcore enthusiasts. By prioritizing user experience and innovation, be quiet! continues to push the boundaries of case design, ensuring that each product reflects a perfect blend of performance, silence, and visual elegance. The commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions solidifes be quiet! as a leader in the competitive landscape of PC hardware development.”

Aaron: "I think our readers will appreciate your open words about the process. Now that we know, how the process of developing a case is done by be quiet!, what advice would you give to aspiring PC case developers looking to enter the industry and maybe joining a company like be quiet! ?"

Marco: "My advice would be to think about what you would like to see in a computer case and how it could be achieved. Then, try to break the design with any potential hardware configuration to test its limits. The PC hardware landscape is constantly evolving, and staying attuned to emerging trends and technologies is essential to creating products that resonate with users. In essence, always strive to push boundaries and offer innovative solutions that enhance the PC building experience. The future of PC case development lies in continuous innovation and a deep understanding of user needs. Keeping pace with evolving technologies and industry trends is crucial for crafting products that inspire and resonate with consumers. Aspiring developers entering the field should harness their creativity, prioritize user-centric design, and embrace a spirit of exploration. By fostering a culture of excellence and seeking out new challenges, industry newcomers can make significant contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of PC hardware development."

Aaron: “This is a real good overview about the process, thanks. Our interview is coming to an end. Tell me Marco, what was the incentive for you as a person to get started as a case developer with be quiet!?"

Marco: “I decided to join be quiet! because of its outstanding reputation in the industry. The company's dedication to producing high-quality and innovative products aligns with my own values and career goals. I believe that working at be quiet! will provide me with excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth. The company's emphasis on creating a quiet and efficient computing environment resonates with my passion for technology and performance. I am excited to contribute my skills and experience to the team like be quiet! and be a part of such a respected brand in the industry. I will never forget the possibilities that be quiet! offered me. I started in the field of customer service and now I am a case developer. Amazing! My enthusiasm and interest in pc technology opend up many doors in this company. I am glad that the company saw my effort and commitment. The company supported my career process in such an incredible way, that I am really glad to be part of this amazing story.”


Aaron: “Thank you Marco for your time and kind words. I am so happy that you are part of the company. Great to have you as a colleague.”

Marco: “My pleasure! Thank you Aaron for providing the chance to let everyone take a peek behind the curtinsof PC case development.”


Wrapping up this conversation with Aaron and Marco, it is evident that developing a new PC case is a multifaceted process that demands meticulous attention to detail, innovation, and a deep understanding of user preferences. We are grateful for the valuable insights shared today, and we look forward to witnessing uture advancements that be quiet! brings to the realm of PC hardware design.

This interview has shed light on the dedication and expertise that elevate be quiet! as the premium German producer of PC hardware, setting a high standard for excellence in the industry.

Until next time!