There is one

in every family.

The family history began in 2014 with be quiet!'s first PC case series - the grandparents Silent Base 800 and Silent Base 600. In 2016 the family expanded, as the Dark Base 900 was born. Soon it got two siblings, the Pure Base 600 and Dark Base 700, and as of 2018 the Silent Base 601 and Silent Base 801 are growing up together in hardware kindergarten. Now we expect a very unique offspring!
The youngest member of the family shines in outstanding white and offers the familiar unbeatable flexibility and outstanding features for perfect cooling performance and quiet operation of its bigger brother. Welcome to our family, Dark Base 700 White Edition!

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Outstanding flexibility and silence

Only available for a brief period: The be quiet! Dark Base 700 White Edition is limited to 3,000 units. Offering unrivaled flexibility with impeccable cooling and silence features. 

  • Motherboard tray and HDD slots with enhanced possibilities for individual requirements
  • Two be quiet! Silent Wings 3 140mm PWM fans
  • Effective airflow system with noise-dampening vents
  • 4-step dual-rail fan controller is switchable between Silence and Performance modes
  • Ready for radiators up to 360mm on top, front and back
  • Install fans and radiators on a provided bracket before installing it as a complete unit
  • Completely sound-insulated with decoupled motherboard, PSU and drives
  • PSU shroud, ingenious cable routing and HDD slot covers for a neat interior
  • Fully windowed side panel from tinted and tempered glass
  • Exterior RGB LEDs with six switchable colors and motherboard control option
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • German product conception, design and quality control

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