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The new monochrom makeover of our legendary and iconic products Dark Base Pro 901, Dark Base 701,
Silent Wings Pro 4 and Pure Wings 3.

Our universe and the moon are a sources of inspiration for PC enthusiasts around the world. They evoke a sense of beauty, mystery, and style that can be reflected in your own PC build. That’s why you need the new white products from be quiet!, the German premium brand of PC components. White builds are not only sleek and elegant, but also versatile and adaptable. You can match them with any color scheme, any RGB lighting, and any décor. Whether you want a minimalist, zen-like PC or a colorful, rainbow-like PC, white builds can do it all. be quiet! offers a range of white products that can help you achieve your dream PC. Our products combine high performance, low noise, and stunning design to make your PC stand out from the crowd. To learn more about our products and how to handle them well, visit our dedicated product sites. You can find the best retailer for your region, on our 'Where to buy' section.

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Additional white be quiet! products

Shadow Base 800 FX White

Silent Base 802 White

Pure Base 500 DX White

Shadow Base 800 DX White

Light Wings White 140mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack

Shadow Rock 3 White

Shadow Wings 2 140mm PWM White

HDD Cage 2 White