Compact and silent energy

The SFX Power PSUs are especially recommended for mini ITX PCs and compact gaming systems. Its design supports the latest technologies and efficiency standards, while providing solid voltages and enough power to support strong PCIe graphics cards. The combination of quiet operation, sophisticated features and high efficiency make SFX Power PSUs the perfect choice for users with compact systems.

SFX Power 3

SFX L Power


Energy Efficiency

  • 80 PLUS® Gold and Bronze certification for high operating efficiency of up to 92%
  • Use of latest technologies such as LLC supports stability and efficiency
  • Standby drain of less than 0.17 watts


  • Strong 12V-rail design that provides high stability for CPU and GPU
  • Up to 4 PCI express connectors for powerful GPUs
  • Up to 600 Watts of continuous power offer high stability and performance
  • Temperature-controlled 120mm and 80mm high-quality fan
  • Meets the latest safety and efficiency requirements

Highly Compatible and Convenient

  • Maximum convenience thanks to modular cables of SFX L Power
  • SFX-to-ATX PSU adapter bracket makes SFX L Power super-flexible for usage with larger case sizes
  • Sleeved and flat black cables up to 80cm length offer improved cooling and are perfect for mini PC cases

Outstanding Service and Support

  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany