Newly available: The be quiet! System Power 9 PSU series

Proven reliability and good efficiency for price conscious PC builders

The newly available PSU series be quiet! System Power 9 is ranging from 700W to 400W. The bulk variant for system integrators, System Power B9, is available fro, 600W to 300W. They both perfectly satisfy the needs of price-conscious PC builders and provide true be quiet! reliability and quietness.

Each new power supply in the System Power 9 line-up is built with the latest technology and available at a competitive price, maintaining the quality and reliability expected from a premium brand like be quiet!. All models, except System Power B9 300W and 350W, are 80PLUS Bronze (230V EU Internal) certified and feature improved voltage regulation thanks to System Power 9’s DC-to-DC technology. In every System Power 9 model, be quiet! implements a full range of circuit protection, including over temperature protection (OTP), while a temperature-controlled high-quality 120mm fan constantly cools the power supply at a low noise level. System Power B9 is packed in production-optimized bulk packaging, ensuring quick and easy handling for system integrators.

Two independent 12V-rails ensure highly stable power output to all PC components. System Power 9 power supplies with 400 and 500W are equipped with two PCI-express connectors, while 600W and 700W versions offer four, making the power supply ideal for multi-GPU configurations. The bulk variants feature two PCI-express connectors at 450 and 600 Watts and one at 350 Watts.

Outstanding characteristics make System Power 9 and System Power B9 perfect for quiet office and multimedia systems, as well as price-consciously built home theater PCs. The new power supplies also provide enough power for energy-efficient, entry-level gaming systems. Thanks to its compliance with Intel® C6/C7, ErP and Energy Star 6.1 guidelines and its power saving technology, both series achieve a low standby drain of less than 0.15 Watts. To help satisfy system builder aesthetics, sleeved black cables add a high-quality look to each power supply, while quality workmanship is paired with a three-year warranty that complete each System Power 9 and System Power B9 package.

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