Newly available: The new Dark Rock Pro TR4

No compromise silence and performance

Introducing the high-end Dark Rock CPU cooler designed for AMD TR4 only: The double-tower Dark Rock Pro TR4 with 250W TDP and virtually inaudible operation. Thanks to its extremely high cooling performance it is an excellent choice for high-end systems and demanding workstations.


  • Designed for AMD TR4 only
  • Two Silent Wings PWM fans feature advanced fluid-dynamic bearings and smooth 6-pole motors
  • Funnel-shaped frame of the front Silent Wings 3 fan provides extremely high air pressure
  • Achieves only 24.3dB(A) at maximum fan speed 
  • Seven high-performance copper heat pipes provide maximal heat conductance 
  • Wave-contoured cooling fins for increased air circulation 
  • Cutouts on the cooling fins enhance the RAM compatibility 
  • Special black coating with ceramic particles enables perfect heat transfer
  • Supports an additional 120mm fan; clips are included in scope of delivery 
  • Easily installable black installation kit can be mounted from above 
  • Elegant, brushed aluminum top cover with diamond cut finish
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty 
  • German product conception, design and quality control