Newly available: The be quiet! System Power 9 CM series

Offers renowned be quiet! performance and quietness

Specially designed by be quiet! with the price-conscious PC builder in mind: System Power 9 CM offers renowned be quiet! performance and quietness and makes it possible for you to build cost-effective and reliable systems. It operates quietly with a temperature-controlled fan and features semi-modular cables.



  • Rock-solid stability with two strong 12V-rails
  • DC-to-DC technology for tight voltage regulation 
  • Multi-GPU support with up to fourPCIe connectors
  • Temperature-controlled 120mm fan reduces system noise
  • Stand-by drain of less than 0.15 watts
  • 80 PLUS® Bronze efficiency (up to 89%)
  • Semi-modular, high-quality sleeved and flat cables
  • All-in-one cable with S-ATA, HDD and FDD connectors
  • Complete suite of top safety features
  • Meets latest Intel® C6/C7, ErP and Energy Star 6.1 guidelines
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty