Cowcotland reviews Dark Base 701

With this new case, we have the impression that be quiet! is offering us the perfect blend of a Shadow Base 800 and a Dark Base Pro 901. The Dark Base 701 has the advantage of being more compact than the 901, while offering a more modern style. It lacks none of the features of the 901, is more discreet and less RGBist, but still offers the services of excellent fans.

Cowcotland reviews the Dark Base 701 from be quiet! The media review begins with a detailed presentation of the enclosure's internal and external features, highlighting its optimized design and the many options and functions it offers. Then it's time for assembly, which the reviewer describes as "a formality", followed by temperature and noise tests. He's happy with the test results. At the end of the test, the media awards it a "Cowcot d'argent".

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