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The Number 1 for power supplies in Germany


After Sales Support and RMA
Despite our many checks and high quality standards, it’s still possible that a customer could receive a faulty power supply. In this INSIDE be quiet! article we describe what happens in such a case and how we deal with customer feedback.
From factory to customer – the voyage of the completed power supply
This "INSIDE be quiet!" issue finishes the story of our Straight Power 10 power supply series. We show the voyage to our headquarters in Germany and the last steps that need to be done before our customers receive their orders.
How be quiet! power supplies are produced, using Straight Power 10 as an example
In this issue we give you an insight into the production line of the Straight Power 10. We show you step by step how a be quiet! power supply is created and which tests it has to undergo during production before it makes its way to the warehouse and ultimately to you.
Quality management during product development
In this issue of “INSIDE be quiet!” we will show you which tests a power supply must pass in the initial stages before it earns the be quiet! name. We want to give all interested parties an insight into the be quiet! Safety Lab and reveal what hardly any outsider has been allowed to see until now.
How the Straight Power 10 power supply came to be
In this "INSIDE be quiet!" story we want to show you how our new power supply series Straight Power 10 was developed. We will also give you a first insight into the work of our product management.
A first look behind the scenes
The theme for this issue of INSIDE be quiet! is how we succeed in offering our customers the best overall package for each price class. We shall explain this to you using an example of a be quiet! power supply under development, what steps are needed and how these are performed.
Welcome to INSIDE be quiet!
As part of this new format, we will now present to you on regular base some interesting insights into be quiet! with details and backgrounds of our products, in addition to some exciting new technologies on the market.