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Explore the realm of white be quiet! PC hardware. Upgrade your system with our sophisticated lineup, blending style and performance seamlessly.

Get to know our cosmos

Powerful, silent, elegant: Navigating through the Vast Space of White PC Hardware!

Embarking on a voyage through the cosmos of our PC hardware is akin to a lunar expedition, where each step is a leap in technological innovation. Our dedication to pioneering new frontiers in performance and reliability is the gravitational pull that keeps our aspirations orbiting around excellence. As astronauts of creativity and productivity, you will discover devices that serve as both your proverbial lunar rover and your space station.

In this celestial journey, our products are like stars in a galaxy, each one radiating its own light, offering a spectrum of capabilities that cater to the varied needs of spacefarers. From the robust monoliths that anchor your command center to the nimble shuttles that empower your interstellar travels, our range is as diverse as the universe itself.

So, suit up and prepare for a journey where the marvels of space and the wonders of innovation converge, leading you to a realm where design and performance coalesce into a symphony of cosmic proportions. As astronauts don white suits to embark on their cosmic voyage, our hardware embodies a similar sense of adventure and innovation. Let the adventure begin!

The compartments of your space station

PC cases - The station

The computer case is a highly visible component, so its design is crucial. Our white cases feature either a purely white aesthetic with white fans and all-white decorative parts, or a dual-color design with black fans and contrasting highlights for enhanced visual appeal. Like space, our cases provide enough room for the latest hardware and cooling solutions like a DIY water cooling kit.


Air coolers – Cooling department

Some of our air coolers boast a striking white heat sink design that complements white hardware components perfectly. Whether you are a gamer, seeking optimal thermal management or a PC enthusiast looking to showcase your system in style, our white air coolers are the ideal choice for achieving both functionality and visual appeal.

Fans – The engine cooling

be quiet!’s wide range of fans offers high-performance cooling to meet various system requirements. These fans are designed to complement our white-themed hardware. They not only provide efficient cooling but also add more style to your setup. Our fans deliver exceptional performance across different scenarios. Whether you need enhanced airflow for gaming or silent operation for focused work. To provide everyone with a chance at a complete white build, we offer white fan variants for each budget.

Whether you are choosing a high-performance fan to achieve maximum cooling power, or a whisper-quiet model for ultra-silence. be quiet! offers everything from multi-talents like the Silent Wings (Pro) 4 series to fans that empower your ARGB game like the Light Wings series. Our allrounder series Pure Wings 3 also offers something special: Closed loop motor technology, that helps you always reach your target rpm. Last but not least we have the Shadow Wings 2 series, which embodies silence – the essence of our brand name.

Becoming a crew member

Our commitment to PC innovation is not just about the visual journey; it’s the rocket fuel propelling performance and reliability to stellar heights. As you navigate the galaxy of our products, you’ll encounter solutions that resonate with every astronaut’s unique mission, whether it’s exploring the depths of creativity or conquering the expanse of productivity.

In our universe, you’ll find devices that are both your moon base and your satellite—robust for the heavy-duty tasks yet agile for the on-the-go lifestyle. Our guide is your star map, detailing each category’s specs and features, helping you chart a course to the tech that aligns with your celestial ambitions.

Embark on this odyssey with us, where every product is a constellation of form and function, guiding you to discover the perfect harmony of design and performance. Our commitment to innovative PC hardware extends beyond aesthetics, focusing on delivering top-notch performance and reliability as the prime factor. As you explore the cosmos of our products, you will find cutting-edge solutions that cater to diverse preferences and needs. For more details on each individual category and our offerings, please check out the specific guide:

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Our white collection represents a harmonious blend of style and substance, inspired by astronauts exploring the universe. Elevate your PC setup with our white cases, air coolers, water coolers, and fans, and explore the wonders of space. Choose our white collection for a truly galactic computing experience. If you want to share your white build, please tag us in your social media posts, so we can show the whole world, what kind of explorer you are!

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