Newly available: be quiet! Straight Power 11

Discover the wire-free evolution of Straight Power 11

The next generation of the renowned premium PSU series from be quiet! provides a new level of silent performance for users that demand whisper-quiet operation without the slightest compromise in power quality. There are no wires inside the chassis of Straight Power 11. This absolutely revolutionary innovation results in less signal disturbance and noise generation, improved cooling airflow and it ultimately extends the lifetime of components. Moreover, full cable management also helps free your PC from undesirable cable clutter, which additionally improves the airflow. Models ranging from 450W to 1000W are available in stores now.

This series uses be quiet!’s renowned Silent Wings 3 135mm fan with a funnel-shaped vent, that provides excellent airflow and reduces unwanted turbulence. Thanks to the built-in 6-pole motor and fluid dynamic bearings, the power supply creates the lowest startup rotational speed in the market.
Moreover quality capacitors are used to prevent high-frequency electronic noise emission and make the power supply extra silent.

As an absolute innovation, Straight Power 11 has no cables inside the power supply’s body on the DC-side. That causes a higher airflow and increased cooling performance. Other effects of its wire-free design include better signal quality, less signal disturbance and extended component lifetimes.

All Straight Power 11 power supplies are 80-PLUS Gold certified with an efficiency-rate up to 93 percent at 230 volts. When compared to previous models, improvements in voltage stability, voltage regulation and ripple were made. These high standards are achieved by combining superior key technologies and exclusively using high-quality Japanese capacitors with a rating of up to 105°C.

The Straight Power 11 includes fully modular cables to reduce clutter and improve chassis airflow. Completely removable cables also allow users to install the power supply and cables independently, increasing ease of use. This series implements all available safeguarding circuits.

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