Since 2002, we have provided high-quality and silent PC components. We offer PSUs, fans, PC cases and CPU coolers for anyone, from an entry-level gamer to a hardcore PC enthusiast. This year, we celebrate our 20-year anniversary, and invite you to explore our brand, the new product line and take part in a huge giveaway.


With the Pure Base 500 FX, three editions of Pure Loop 2 FX and the Pure Rock 2 FX, we expand our line-up of ARGB-products. Check out the product pages to learn more.


The lucky winners are chosen:

  • Tony Geworkjan
  • Gabriel Vecksel
  • Fiona Poole
  • jakub jabłoński
  • Carlos Trevino
  • Leon Groove
  • Florian Scherleithner
  • Michael Bernhard
  • Stephane Caputi
  • Adam Kříštof
  • René Hödicke
  • Heike Harnischfeger
  • Denis Weihmüller
  • Elke Hechler
  • Nico Prasser
  • Claudio Antón
  • Virpi Sippari
  • Nicolas Layrolles
  • Chrystelle Neveu
  • Stuart Edwards
  • Alexandra Trencsényi
  • Elek Bálint
  • Andrii Makarov
  • Katarzyna Filip
  • Tristan Liegl
  • Bernd Maurer
  • Erwin Geng
  • Annabella Schmit-Kugler
  • Aurélien Etienne
  • Sander Buyse
  • Nikolay Ivanov
  • Pawel Chmura
  • Laurin Schwegler
  • Radek Škaloud
  • Martin Šupola
  • Alexander Deutmann
  • Sandra Kempers
  • Ssemjon Caster
  • Tim Neelsen
  • Marvin Elbeshausen
  • Kay Niklas Primke
  • Carsten Nowotnik
  • Elijah Schröffel
  • Hartmut kischkat
  • Ole König
  • Tino Maschmeier
  • Luis Pastoors
  • Keith Boehm
  • Erik Liebenau
  • Jörg Loges
  • Avdo Asoyan
  • elisabeth marlin
  • Mickael STORKEL
  • Periklis Kafchitsas
  • Nikolaos Koxanoglou
  • Calliope Bakou
  • Antonija Grubeša
  • Ádám Menyhárt
  • Gábor Varga
  • Adrian Feher
  • Dávid Csizmadia
  • Gary Deaton
  • Tamborra Maddalena
  • Alessio Ventimiglia
  • Thomas Steiger
  • Felix Loos
  • Mihails Solovjovs
  • Artjoms Cernavskis
  • Pietro Rossi
  • Armand Peletier
  • José Eduardo Kimura Reis
  • Robin Howden
  • Patryk Jarosławski
  • Tomasz Sysło
  • Filip Tobisz
  • Jakub Motyka
  • Adrian Gałaj
  • Damian Garbacz
  • Tomasz Kośla
  • Józef Barejko
  • Michał Kotwicki
  • Igor Kolb
  • Aga Pawlus
  • Bruno Merujo
  • Daniel Ferro
  • Paul Taran
  • Petar Sejic
  • Linus Staffas
  • Edwardo Afram
  • Martin Bednár
  • Selma Erden
  • 柏君 陳
  • Марина Приймак
  • Александр Макутенко
  • Vasyl Bukhlak
  • Jonathan Kerr
  • Lefteris Moutsos
  • Gail Crawford



1 x be quiet! Gaming Room

  • be quiet! Gaming-PC*
  • Leet Desk Pro (180x80, Leet Orange, Ghost Touch)
  • RECARO Exo FX Sunset Orange Gaming-Chair
  • 34" LG UltraGear 34GP950G-B Ultrawide Monitor
  • MOUNTAIN Everest Max RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • MOUNTAIN Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse
  • EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset

5 x be quiet! Gaming PCs*

20 x be quiet! Hardware Packages ( Pure Base 500 FX, Pure Rock 2 FX)

74 x be quiet! 20th Anniversary Merchandise Packages


*(Intel i9-12900k, Geforce RTX 3080 Ti, Pure Base 500 FX, Straight Power 11 Platinum 1000W, Pure Loop 2  FX 360mm, 32GB DDR5, 2 TB SSD)


The contest will run from August 1 to September 30 , 2022. The contest ends on September 30 , 2022 at 23:59 GMT +2.
Winner’s announcement: by October 13, 2022.

By completing and submitting the entry form to take part in our competition you declare your agreement to the following principles:
Our conditions of participation apply. Your data will be processed exclusively for purposes of the competition and deleted after the end of the competition, provided no statutory storage requirements apply. Your email address will be used solely for communication purposes (e.g., for interim / winning messages). We will save your IP address for the duration of the competition in order to detect fraudulent behavior (for example, automated mass entries).
You can revoke your consent to the data collection and data use at any time by messaging us. In cases of cancellation, your data will be deleted immediately. Please understand that by withdrawal of your consent before the end of the draw, your participation is terminated. Refer to our privacy policy for further information.

If you are one of the winners of the draw, you agree that your first name and surname will be published on bequiet.com and on our social media channels.