It's not just the cooling block that shines here! The Pure Loop All-in-One water cooler, featuring a jet-black design and a stylish white LED is real eye-catcher in your PC case. It offers you powerful and silent cooling whenever your system needs show its skills.

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Quiet, powerful, durable, easy to use. This is what Pure Loop stands for. Our product video tells you everything there is to know. Watch it now!

The lucky winners are chosen:
1Jakub Sanhen
2Jonathan Schütz
3Thomas Lecardez
4Ryan Ellison
5Thomas Thal
6Антон Амуничников
7Витали й Доценко
8Julio Enrique G. Garcia

Pure Loop is now available in 120, 240, 280 and 360mm. Learn more about the product features on our website!



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