Virtually inaudible, state of the art cooling

The Silent Wings 2 fan family provides a great airflow-to-noise ratio and high reliability on the market. Key to these fans’ unrivalled and uncompromising performance are a airflow-optimized fan blade design, anti-vibration mounts, and a high-tech fluid dynamic bearing with copper core that greatly reduces noise and imparts super-long life. Through this advanced technology these fans achieve virtually silent operation without sacrificing airflow, and offer a good balance between cooling and serenity.


Virtually Inaudible Operation 

  • Silent Wings 2 fans include a wide array of electronic and mechanical optimizations for superior air flow with low noise production
  • Airflow-optimized fan blade design reduces noise-generating fan turbulence
  • Advanced fluid-dynamic bearing providing for greatly reduced operating noise
  • Modular vibration damping mounts and rubberized frame help prevent transmission of vibration to computer case and its components
  • Option for direct hard mount when preferred
  • Advanced high quality IC motor controller reduces electrical noise

Variable Speed Function

  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) allows compatible 4-pin controllers (including those built into many motherboards) to intelligently vary the speed of the fan
  • With PWM your system can ramp up the cooling when it’s needed, or operate in maximum quiet mode when it’s not


  • Advanced fluid-dynamic bearing (FDB) with industrial grade lubricant eliminates direct contact between rotor and frame, resulting in very low noise levels
  • The FDB has a copper core that conducts heat away from the bearing more effectively, enabling super-long fan life of up to 300,000 hours
  • Balanced fan blades enhance reliability and result in operating silence

Product Conception, Design and Quality Control in Germany

  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Quick support is available via our international hotline, Mondays to Fridays from 9:00am to 5:30pm CET: +49 (0) 40-736 76 86 – 98