The most technologically-advanced power supply be quiet! has ever built.


A new level of silent performance for systems that demand whisper-quiet operation.


Granite stability, advanced cooling features, low noise and great value.


A great combination of quietness, features, reliability and efficiency.

Dark Power Pro 11

No Compromise Silence and Performance
  • Superior topologies for highest efficiency and voltage stability
  • Virtually inaudible Silent Wings 3 fan
  • Overclocking key for multi- or single-rail use
  • 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency (up to 94%)
Dark Power Pro 11

1200W 1000W 850W 750W 650W 550W

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Straight Power 11

World Class Quiet and Efficiency
  • Virtually inaudible Silent Wings 3 fan
  • Wire-free on the DC side for enhanced cooling and longevity
  • Modular cables provide maximum build flexibility
  • 80PLUS Gold efficiency (up to 93%)
Straight Power 11

1000W 850W 750W 650W 550W 450W

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Power Zone

Massive Power, Designed for Gaming
  • Powerful operation even at 50°C
  • Massive 12V-rail
  • Cools and protects system components after shutdown
  • Modular cables
Power Zone

1000W 850W 750W 650W

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Pure Power 11

Best Combination of Features at a Very Popular Price
  • Advanced topologies for high performance and voltage stability
  • Silence-optimized 120mm be quiet! fan
  • Semi-modular with flat cables for drives and PCI-e
  • 80 PLUS Gold / Bronze efficiency (up to 92%)
Pure Power 11 CM

700W CM 600W CM 500W CM 400W CM

Pure Power 11

700W 600W 500W 400W 350W 300W

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System Power 9

Proven Reliability for Price Conscious, Quiet PC builds
  • Two strong 12V-rails and multi-GPU support 
  • DC-to-DC technology for tight voltage regulation 
  • Temperature-controlled 120mm fan  
  • 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency (up to 89%)
System Power U9

700W US 600W US 500W US 400W US

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SFX Power

Compact and Silent Energy
  • SFX and SFX-L form factor PSUs
  • Temperature-controlled, silent 120/80mm fan
  • Sleeved or flat cables
  • 80 PLUS Gold/Bronze efficiency (up to 92%)
SFX L Power

600W 500W

SFX Power 2

400W 300W

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TFX Power 2

Compact and Silent Energy
  • Strong dual 12V-rails for PCIe graphics support
  • Temperature-controlled silent 80mm fan
  • Sleeved cables and full suite of safety features
  • 80PLUS Gold/Bronze (up to 91%)
TFX Power 2 Gold

300W Gold

TFX Power 2 Bronze

300W Bronze

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