PSU accessories

Give your PSU the finishing touch.

CPU accessories

Ensure perfect cooling of your CPU.

Case accessories

Upgrade your case with various accessories.

Power Cable

Power Cable for modular be quiet! power supplies offer maximum comfort and flexibility. Covered with individual sleeves in opaque black, they meet even highest demands. For all who want to give their PC the finishing touch.


CM-30750 (3x SATA & 1x PATA) CM-61050 (3x SATA & 1x PATA)


CS-3310 (1x SATA) CS-3420 (2x SATA) CS-3440 (4x SATA) CS-3640 (4x SATA) CS-6610 (1x SATA) CS-6720 (2x SATA) CS-6740 (4x SATA) CS-6940 (4x SATA)

PCI Express

CP-6610 (1x PCIe) CP-6620 (2x PCIe)

20+4-pin ATX

CB-6620 (20+4 pin)


CC-4420 (4+4 pin) CC-7710 (8 pin)

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Thermal Grease

Introducing the Perfect Cooling Partner

DC1 is be quiet’s high performance thermal compound for critical cooling applications. It enables remarkable cooling performance due to its exceptionally high thermal conductivity and is the perfect accessory to protect your valuable processors, graphic cards and chipsets.



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PSU Shroud

Upgrade your Dark Base Pro 900 with a PSU shroud for hiding the PSU and smart cable management options.

PSU Shroud

PSU Shroud

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HDD Accessories

Additional accessories for be quiet! cases ensure a consistent and professional handling of HDDs and HDD cage slots. 

HDD Slot Cover

Dark Base 900 / Pure Base 600 Dark Base 700 / Silent Base 802/801/601

HDD Cage

HDD Cage

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Window Side Panel

No matter which window you select, they all provide a perfect view of the top-end components inside your PC case.

Window Side Panel Dark Base

Dark Base 900

Window Side Panel Silent Base

Silent Base 802/801/601 Silent Base 800/600

Window Side Panel Pure Base

Pure Base 600

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C19 / C20 Cover

The C19 / C20 Cover fits Dark Power Pro 12 or other high-wattage power supplies in all Dark Base 900 cases perfectly.

C19 / C20 Cover

C19 / C20-Cover

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