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Welcome to INSIDE be quiet!

be quiet! is a renowned premium brand manufacturer of desktop PC power supplies, PC cases and cooling devices. Our products are characterized by their remarkably quiet operation combined with excellent performance. We place special emphasis on product quality, with exceptionally high degrees of perfection and attention to details. That is why we carry out all the product conception, design, and quality control at our be quiet! headquarters in Germany.

The be quiet! brand is owned by Listan GmbH & Co. KG, with headquarters in Glinde near Hamburg. The company is therefore one of a select few IT industry manufacturers that can boast having their headquarters in Germany. This fact helps us to maintain our strict quality standards.

However, this is not enough to ensure we fulfill our highest demands. That is why we employ Product Marketing Managers whose job covers all aspects of technical product management, second-level customer support and providing technical support for the be quiet! marketing and sales departments. As part of this work we often notice that customers have lots more questions about the various company departments and technical topics than it is possible to answer fully in the forum, on the telephone, or by email. That is why we at be quiet! decided to launch this new portal called INSIDE be quiet!.

As part of this new format, we will now present to you on regular base some interesting insights into be quiet! with details and backgrounds of our products, in addition to some exciting new technologies on the market.

Insight: Departments and tasks at be quiet!

For a brand like be quiet! a multitude of tasks arise every day. In order to coordinate these the best possible way and to work efficiently, be quiet! staff is divided into several teams with specific functions.

The Product Management team is responsible for the planning and development of be quiet! products. Their task is to ensure our power supplies, PC cases, CPU cooler and case fans perfectly satisfy your requirements and wishes. The team works in close cooperation with our partners in Asia.

The Sales team takes care that our products are properly delivered to our trade customers. They are also responsible for the acquisition of new customers, foster close relationships with established customers, and represent the brand at trade fairs and customer events.

The Logistics team comes into play when a trade customer places an order with us. They take care of goods receipt and dispatching from our warehouse.

The IQC team looks after the quality control of incoming goods from our manufacturing partners in Asia. In addition, they take care of the technical inspections and swift resolution of all kinds of returned goods claims.

The After-Sales team represents the first point of contact for the buyers of our products via the free telephone hotline, by email or the online support forums.

Without administrative staff such as our IT and Accounts teams, everyday operations would cease to function. They take care that our essential office technology and accounts processing run smoothly.

The Marketing team designs the website, packaging, banners, all other marketing materials and takes care of the social media channels. This team also organizes trade fair representations and cooperations with LAN parties and other partners.

All the above teams are supervised and coordinated by the Management team, which also determines our philosophy and quality standards, making sure these remain at the highest level.


Of course, this is only a brief synopsis of the complex tasks performed by our teams. We hope it offers you an insight into how a brand like be quiet! is organized and just how much teamwork is needed for it to function. Only by working together is it possible to develop the state-of-the-art and cooling products whose quality and performance meet the highest of standards that you demand and we maintain. Just as we do, our customers make it abundantly clear they are only satisfied with the best of the best. With this thought in mind: Until next time!v

Should you have any questions or remarks about INSIDE be quiet! you are welcome to send us these using our contact form.