Inside be quiet!

After Sales Support and RMA

In previous INSIDE be quiet! articles, we showed you the path a power supply travels from conception to delivery to our customers. Despite our many checks and high quality standards, it’s still possible that a customer could receive a faulty power supply. The French magazine has performed a market analysis and calculated a very low return rate of 0,73% for be quiet! power supplies. In this INSIDE be quiet! article we describe what happens in such a case and how we deal with customer feedback.



be quiet! offers a limited manufacturer’s warranty so that consumers can directly contact us, the manufacturer. Having to return products to resellers needlessly complicates and slows service cycles, and we know you would like to avoid that if possible. Defective products can be returned to our main office in Glinde near Hamburg, where it will be tested and repaired or exchanged if necessary. All ATX-PS2 format power supplies have a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 3 years, and the high-end series Dark Power Pro, Straight Power and Power Zone even have a 5-year warranty. (For a full overview of the warranty periods for all our products, please visit the SERVICE | WARRANTY page on our website.)

Problem detection and consequences

A returned power supply will be examined by our Return Material Authorization (RMA) department according to the procedures of Incoming Quality Control. Rarely, we cannot reproduce the reported fault in our Chroma machine, in which case we will test the power supply in a PC with a hardware setup that closely resembles that of the customer.

Every power supply has a unique product ID. Based on this product ID, we can accurately trace the origin of the power supply. If more power supplies in this batch exhibit the same fault, then we will commence with causal research straight away. The power supplies will be dismantled to uncover the faulty component. This will be compared with other batches and if necessary we will contact the respective supplier or producing factory.

Customer feedback

Customers of be quiet! products may contact us directly with questions or problems through website forms, telephone support or on Facebook. Apart from this we are also active in certain community forums, where we answer questions and feedback from customers in special be quiet! threads.

Once you have purchased a be quiet! product, you will receive any necessary technical support from our after sales department. This begins with help during installation and usage of be quiet! products and continues up to troubleshooting of an improperly working computer system. Usually, the cause of any encountered error or fault can be found and solved together with the customer, without warranty service being required.
Alongside questions about our products, we also receive much feedback and direct product suggestions over our various customer communication channels. These customer suggestions are very important to us, as we often try to incorporate them in the concepts of new products. For instance, we have commenced changing the plugs of our power supply cables to black, based on customer request. We have also listened to customer feedback regarding the mounting elements of the Silent Wings 2 fan and the side window of the Silent Base series, incorporating this valuable feedback into the final production run.

INSIDE be quiet!

With this chapter, the story of a be quiet! power supply from product development until RMA-analysis has ended. We hope that we were able to offer you a useful look into the world and work methods of be quiet!. Our goal has been to present ourselves as an open company and to show you a realistic and detailed view of the quality control that be quiet! stands for by way of this INSIDE be quiet! issue. If you still have questions or have feedback after reading these articles, please send us your feedback through this contact form. We are interested in all our customers’ opinions and will try to use or incorporate the wishes and desires of our users as much as we can. A combination of high product quality, a high demand for perfection, and a love for detail is what defines our brand.