Proven reliability, quiet operation

System Power 10 is specially designed with the price-conscious PC builder in mind that does not want to dispense on reliability and quiet operation. Featuring up to 850W System Power 10 offers rock-solid voltage stability. The series is certified 80 PLUS® Bronze efficient and able to support powerful GPUs providing up to four 6+2 PCIe connectors. System Power 10 850W even offers an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, a true testament to quality in this price level. System Power 10‘s combination of power and quietness for a PSU of its class and efficiency is far beyond ordinary, making it possible for you to build cost-effective and reliable systems - a key differentiator in an era of nearly identical commodities.

System Power 10 U


Energy Efficiency

  • 80 PLUS® Gold and Bronze certification with up to 93.4% power conversion efficiency
  • Up to 850W of continuous power and two 12V-rails ensure rock-solid voltage stability for powerful GPUs
  • Full suite of top safety protections that defend against over-currents, over-voltages and under-voltages, short circuits, overheating and overloads, thus safeguarding your valuable components
  • Equipped with DC-to-DC power conversion technology for stable operation, 850W models additionally with LLC + SR
  • Up to 4 PCIe connectors for powerful GPUs

Solid Cooling

  • High-quality 120mm fan is thermally controlled and silence-optimized to strike the best balance between adequate cooling and maximum quietness
  • Attractive black flat cables simplify component installation, increase airflow and improve cooling
  • Efficient PSU design produces low operating temperatures

Outstanding Service and Support

  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany